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H2c in Azure woes....


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Hi Guys,

OK so really struggling with setting up H2c in the cloud with Azure.  Tried with https originally and lets encrypt against the azure name and my own domain name but having issues so decided to try with default 8080 which worked or so I thought.....

I've setup the firewall rules on the VM (<vm>-ng see attached screenshot) and also within the Linux VM using firewall-cmd which seemed to work OK (however even stopped the daemon) and have setup the c2 command line as a cron job (@reboot)

I can get to the website now with my CNAME alias over 8080 however whenever I enter the details (license, token and new username and password) it flashes up with an error and takes me back to the same screen (attached screenshot). I managed to catch the error as "Your session has expired" which I don't understand as I get this even if I restart all my browsers and the service...

Any ideas... getting frustrated now, am sure its an Azure thing but buggered if I know what....

Thanks for your help in advance




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sorted!  Was nothing to do with firewall...  I performed a tcpdump -vv on both sides and found the error was an invalid token even though I was using the one I set.

The problem was down to running the command line in a cron job so it auto restarts on reboot. I've subsequently got rid and run it as a backgrounded process  (&) which seems to have done the trick.



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