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Encoder changes quotation marks help

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Running this on a windows 10

When I enter:

STRING netsh wlan show profile “WiFi name” key=clear

and run it in command prompt it works and shows the WiFi key in the clear for specified network but when I enter that line into the ducky encoder it changes the script to

STRING netsh wlan show profile @wifi name@ key=clear 

and then the script no longer works 

What am I missing?  What is the script to get quotations after encoding. 


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Hello, I have the same issue. Actually it seems difficult (impossible?) to use usb rubber on none English system. Strings are never like in the duckycode.txt. I use the java duckyencoder, ducktoolkit.com (choosing Switzerland as language) but nothing to to. 

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For example, if I use java -jar duckencoder.jar -i wifi.txt -o inject.bin -l ch then the char } is interpreted correctly but the char { is not recognized.

If I use -l fr then it is even worst. 

I have tried to use ASCII code instead of { and } but the command ALT seems not able to simulate it.

Is there a workaround for this keyboard issue?

Thanks in advance 🙂



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