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  1. Thanks for the info
  2. I’ve searched the forums and found conflicting answers on whether the tetra can deauth the 5ghz band. I know it can do the 2.4 and I have the pineapple nano and it can do the 2.4 ghz no issues. I’m considering also getting the tetra but was curious on if it can deauth the 5ghz? Thanks in advance
  3. No. I’d rather do that. Which is related to Hak5?
  4. Running this on a windows 10 When I enter: STRING netsh wlan show profile “WiFi name” key=clear and run it in command prompt it works and shows the WiFi key in the clear for specified network but when I enter that line into the ducky encoder it changes the script to STRING netsh wlan show profile @wifi name@ key=clear and then the script no longer works What am I missing? What is the script to get quotations after encoding. Thanks!
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