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Bypass WIPS module - can't use airbase-ng


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Good night for all

I want to make a module that can bypass WIPS (WIRELESS INTRUSION PREVENTION SYSTEM). One of the WIPS techniques is detect if your rogue AP was created with software, that means if you use airbase-ng to create the rogue ap.

The technique measures the time indicator in the wifi frames, that time have variations if you create the AP using software (In the image, you can see how dispersed is the time); but if you use some specialized network hardware device that variation disappears


To avoid that detection technique, I want to use the WIFI PINEAPPLE to create the rouge AP, but i don't know how to create one AP in the wifi pineapple using commands without use airbase-ng.

can some body here give me any hint or tell me what command use?


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On 3/21/2019 at 6:34 AM, Elgriego said:

The technique measures the time indicator in the wifi frames

I don't fully understand but im having a go anyway both to learn and as no one else seems to reply yet - What is the time indicator? beacon interval? can't you adjust that within airbase-ng options? You can do similar with probe response time as well. or perhaps you would need response times randomized?

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