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VNC with SSH Tunnels


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I know VNC with SSH Tunnels was cover on ep.7. I am following the video on youtube.com.

I can across with a problem. I want to use it on RealVNC, not tightVNC. on the video, they said that you need to make a DWORD value for RealVNC, and it would be on the Shownotes http://www.hak5.org/wiki/Episode_1x07#Secu...ith_SSH_Tunnels

I looked on the shownotes, I guess it was removed. so what do I need to do on regedit to make this work on RealVNC?

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The above URL has a bit in the top half of the page labelled "Getting and Preparing VNC Viewer". It describes 2 registry keys that will allow loopback connections.

Please give those a try and if it works, let us know so we can update the wiki with this information.

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