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New Tech TV Channel To open on the Web


Would You Watch a 24/7 Tech TV Station if it was FREE  

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Hi QipCast.com a new website that streams internet TV, Radio, Games and podcasts have said that they will open an ALL Tech TV station code name QTM which we found out was QipTechMedia The station will start broadcasting Live on the 10th of this month. They are looking for Tech Video Podcasts so if you know of one post the URL at http://qipcast.com/blog/?p=15

The station should be playing shows from the 1st of Feb but in the mean time you can watch there TV Ads at qipcast.com

Great News or What?

Also what do you want to see on QTM aka QipTechMedia?


We have a Preview at http://qipcast.com/blog/?p=16

We are playing some Funny Tech Ads and info Programs all about Tech

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First of all, "TechTV" is a registered trademark and you will get yourself sued if you try to sell anything claiming to be it. Second, where's the content? Right now it just seems like some random "borrowed" content from other places. I realize that you claim to not be airing shows until the 1st of February but trying to get some sort of buzz going with a semi broken site and no content is a bit odd.

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Thanks for your feedback so far. At the moment we are just testing the station to make sure it works to the letter T. I have opened the Test channel so users can see we are not messing around. I know quite Odd to tell people about something that is new and not out. Also we are not clamming to be Tech TV. what we are saying is that we are a Tech Station that broadcasts on the Net.

We will be playing tech shows and so on from the 1st of Feb. We hope that there are Tech Video Podcasters like Hak 5 that will allow as to air there shows. We will give them FREE on air Advertising.

Also we can do Live Broadcasts i just worked out how to do that tonight. Its 7:05am over here Perth Western Australia.

If you would like to have a look at QTM aka QipTechMedia go to


Also we will be streaming a Peer2Peer server to using SopCast.org we hope this way we can hold more viewers. As Australia has at max 512 by 512KBPS however we are working with people to get around the bad internet speed. We may turn to server streaming instead of having the server in house.

Keep your feed back coming.


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