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GPRS camera feed.


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This should really be in the shownotes area I guess, but I can't find the notes to the episode I'm interested in.

Basically it's were they get a little cam, wire to their server or whatever, and have a webpage where they can turn the lights on and off.

My Question : Is it possible to make the lights turn on at a set time? So you could program it to turn on at 7.00am to wake you up, or maybe not just turn on but flash at you? I think that and the RSS alarm clock would be really cool. 8)

Sorry if this is inappropiate for this section, like I said I couldn't find the shownotes.


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All shownotes can be found on the wiki:


You have to click on Season One at the bottom to get the overview with links to the appropriate shownotes for that season's episodes.

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