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  1. I am having a problem with one of my employees tampering with work PCs, but I can not crack down on him unless I have proof. So, do any of you know of a good Silent PC monitoring or key logger software ... so that I can catch him red-handed?! Thanks in advance.
  2. Its a low spec Acer (Travelmate 240) I finally managed to get the screws out, but there seems to be alot of pressure around the monitor edges connected to the laptop. I dont see any obvious screws to take the monitor off. There also seems to be a piece of aluminum attached to the top half (once im kind of looking inside) and the bottom half. I can't imagine it begin so fucking diffucult to get inside! I'm not taking it to a tech shop it isnt worth much to me, I was just going to put a Linux distro on it and mess about, but I need the BIOS to boot of CD, unless theres another way I can boot of CD from the windows OS?
  3. Thanks for the replys. I tryed getting into the laptop but the darn screws are in there tight. I can acces the modem and RAM really easy, they are under little lids that have been screwed down gently. The screws actully holding the laptops casings down are really hard to get out, I'm worried about damaging the threads on the screws if I rive at it to much. If I actully manage to get the casing off where about would I find te CMOS in a laptop? I'm sure they vary but this guy told me that you have to take the monitor off and then go in as the CMOS battery is just under the keyboard. This was in a pub, and the guy was quite unstable but I guess it makes sense making the the CMOS battery hard to get to.
  4. fir3maze

    BIOS crack.

    Hi guys, I'm struggeling getting into my BIOS, for some reason when I loaded my old laptop up it had a password for the BIOS. I don't feel comfortable jumping the CMOS as it's a laptop, but I found a software tool that cracks it for you. It's called cmospwd 4.8 and it show you the pass for the BIOS. When I look at it, it tells me [QFd] [#] for the acer bios. I've tryed typing that in all possible manners, but it doesn't seem to work. Am I doing somthing wrong? Is there another way to go about this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks I'll check that out.
  6. Hi, This should really be in the shownotes area I guess, but I can't find the notes to the episode I'm interested in. Basically it's were they get a little cam, wire to their server or whatever, and have a webpage where they can turn the lights on and off. My Question : Is it possible to make the lights turn on at a set time? So you could program it to turn on at 7.00am to wake you up, or maybe not just turn on but flash at you? I think that and the RSS alarm clock would be really cool. 8) Sorry if this is inappropiate for this section, like I said I couldn't find the shownotes. Thanks.
  7. Ah, so Joe Bloggs would'nt notice the java if he were to just be using Windows?
  8. Thats somthing I don't get, maybe because I'm a little n00bz0r, but why is Azureus Java, I see no evidence of the java controls... :idea:
  9. Favourite game: Counter Strike Source and Battlefield 2. Teh Pwnz0r. Favourite OS: Don't have a favorite, but I use Windows XP / Linux Arc. Favourite console: Xbox 360. Nationality: English Accent: Up north. Sex: Male Age: 17 Race: White/Cacusion Height: 6ft 1" (I think around 189cm for you yanks, hehe.) Status: Lonely Favourite band: Metallica Favourite book: Ursla Le Guin : The dissposed. Favourite author: Ursla Le Guin? Favourite movie: Office Space and The Matrix. Favourite TV Show: Simpsons. Favourite actor: Ben Stiller. Favourite actress: Angellina Jolie. Favourite Pinup: Jessica Simpson. Other hobbies: Antiquated Technology, Social Engineering, Modding. Why do you think I like Hak.5? Razz Car: 1995 BMW Tourer 1.6 Occupation: Student. Nice to be here, good luck for the show in the future, It's gonna be a hit!
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