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i torrented Blazing tools perfect keylogger from Torrentspy. It comes with a crack so yea. and you can bind it to any .exe file so thats pretty nifty. I have a copy somewhere. I'll put it up on my site and give you a link if you PM me.

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*sigh* so many things wrong with this post... i count 6.

1. Its in the worng section, it isnt a question at all.

2. Its a skiddie tool

3. It warez

4. Ur Distributing Warez

5. if i wanted it all i need to do is google "Blazing tools perfect keylogger torrent" seems to be less effort of going through and PMing u.

6. OP breaks Hak5 rules.

oh 1 more.

Binding .exe's to other .exe's get picked up by all virus 'decent' scanners. so kinda pointless.

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