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Metasploit / postgresql / armitage problems


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Ive been trying to get armitage working for a while now and i cant seem to find the exact answer to the problem im having so here goes.

when i open armitage it fails to connect to the database and says password auth. failed for user "msf".
i have enabled the postgresql service
i cannot start the metasploit service as it says service not found
metasploit framework is installed and working, but after a restart it goes to "password auth. failed for user "msf""

i have ran msfdb init
i have ran msfupdate
i have reinstalled metasploit framework from their website

any help would be nice!

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It's all changed since I last used it but from those errors it looks like you haven't created the msf user in postgresql or when you did you set a different password to what it is expecting.

I've no idea how to set it, Google should tell you though.

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A perfect first learning opportunity then. Find out how to connect to postgresql from the command line and check the user exists and is working, if not, create a new one and see what happens.

Testing is all about learning, don't turn down this chance for some for free.

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So the users are there but im not sure im understanding this correctly. i try to connect the database from the msfconsole but its saying "Error while running command db_connect: FATAL:  role "root" does not exist" I really dont understand what to do here and i cant find answers for my problem anywhere else online.

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I've got no idea what is broken either. The hints I'm giving you are how I would debug it.

Make sure the database user is in place, check the creds are as expected, watch logs to see connection failures, get each individual bit working on its own then in combination.

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