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aireplay-ng --deauth not working


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When I run the deauth-attack with aireplay, but still don't find any handshake. Then what mean  under massage (code 7)?

18:32:26 Sending 64 directed DeAuth (code 7)STMAC: [F8:1E:DF:31:C3:4B] [ 0| 0 ACKs]

18:32:26 Sending 64 directed DeAuth (code 7) STMAC: [F8:1E:DF:31:C3:4B] [ 0| 1 ACKs]

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Im have some probs with aireplay-ng 2 like getting it to run. Old versions no problem. might need to roll back to prev version.

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The code is a reason for deauthentication.


I don't know the full context so I can only throw some guesses about what could have gone wrong:

1. You are probably too far from the client (check the packets captured, for every packet sent to the client you should see an ack packet sent back in response);

2. You de-authed one of the clients but it has not re-associated again or you are not capturing the association;

3. You trying to send broadcast de-auth requests instead of targeting an associated client;

4. Your wireless card does not support packet injection or there's a  problem with the drivers/software.

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