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Firmware Upgrade Path?


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I just received my new tetra and immediately upgraded to 2.4.1, however it seemed to have some stability issues so I flashed back to factory_default.bin and attempted to upgrade to 2.4.0. The tetra has been sitting with a steady yellow light now for about 15 minutes with no sign of rebooting.

Is there some specific upgrade path I need to take from the factory_default.bin? Should I flash 2.2 first, then 2.3, etc?


Also on a related note, what does everyone feel is the most stable recent firmware revision?


Thank you.

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3 hours ago, skibo187 said:

Hey Pork, I am having the same issue, can you tell me where you got the factory default bin, and how you used the serial cable to start the httpd server please,  

I would try the recommended method first of doing the Firmware recovery via uboot.  https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471774-Firmware-Recovery

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Thanks Pork, so did you get it to work back again, mine seems all jacked now!!!! Hak5 has really been a let down, and I been with them since the Mark 5 get introduced. 


1. I am not able to scan any network around me ( in other words pick up any) it just throws me an error. 

Tetra issues #1.png

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