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Firefox device config not downloading?


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  • Added a device
  • Selected the device
  • Pressed "Setup"
  • On the "Setup" dialog pressed "download"

Then ... nothing.

No browser download dialog, no system or error message, nothing.
The c2 system carries on working so it hasn't crashed.

I tried waiting a while in case it was some slow key generation but no joy. I tried generating a config file for a Pineapple, Turtle and Squirrel. Same happened (or didn't happen!)

I had a look in the logs and I can see MANY entries like,

"2018-10-02 15:13:35 Device 'Nano Test' had setup file downloaded by"

which suggests c2 thinks it has done something.

I have c2_community-linux-64 running (as root) on a Debian 9 VM although the same happened using c2_community-windows-64.exe on Win10. I have used Firefox and Edge to connect to the c2 server (I did not want to install more browsers) as well as Firefox ESR on Linux.

I am not getting any AV or browser notifications stating that something is being prevented. The Linux / Firefox test was using Kali and that is not exactly known for being restrictive!

If others are getting their config files can anyone suggest what may be blocking this? (or something obvious I may have missed!)

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