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I cannot connect to android phones


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Hello everyone,

I have been trying to connect my WiFi Pineapple NANO to my android phone (S8 Edge) but it never connects. I make sure I enable USB tethering as required (there is even a little icon at the top left showing me its enabled). Then when I hit "Yes USB tethering is enabled", it just says "Waiting for connection, Waiting for the WiFi Pineapple to make a connection" and has never moved forward from this. I have tried different power supplies and power sources. and still nothing changes, I have also tried different usb cables as well. The Wifi Pineapple blinks blue some times and other times its solid blue.

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I have tried, but it does not "take". I click it but it does not change. When nothing is plugged in I can change it to : MTP and PTP. When it is plugged into the Pineapple, I can switch through all of them (MTP, PTP, Audio source, MIDI, Charge this phone) but I cant select RNDIS, when I do it changes directly back to "Charge this phone"

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Just now, Hattori said:

I have tried, but it does not "take". I click it but it does not change.

Mine is weird, i can select it but it still reads Charge phone. but if i exit developer options and re-enter and check again the selection is still made for me.

With that selected  I can plug in using a USB to micro USB adapter on the male end of the Nano and i get a connection to the GUI. The nano had a wifi USB adapter attached connected to my router.for internet.

On my phone I only get USB tether to work when plugging in the female end of the nano which does give the nano internet - but using the phone I cant reach the pineapples GUI, even if i use another device to join the nano management AP to fine the nanos IP then try to access the GUI using the tethering mobiles browser.

So for me with my phone i have an either or situation. i think my phone is the issue without root. In the end i found  a 3g dongle best when mobile with my nano.

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