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  1. I have tried, but it does not "take". I click it but it does not change. When nothing is plugged in I can change it to : MTP and PTP. When it is plugged into the Pineapple, I can switch through all of them (MTP, PTP, Audio source, MIDI, Charge this phone) but I cant select RNDIS, when I do it changes directly back to "Charge this phone"
  2. I believe this is what you are asking for
  3. Working on that now, but what should it be at?
  4. It works fine on windows, I have not currently tried it with a linux machine yet.
  5. Hello everyone, I have been trying to connect my WiFi Pineapple NANO to my android phone (S8 Edge) but it never connects. I make sure I enable USB tethering as required (there is even a little icon at the top left showing me its enabled). Then when I hit "Yes USB tethering is enabled", it just says "Waiting for connection, Waiting for the WiFi Pineapple to make a connection" and has never moved forward from this. I have tried different power supplies and power sources. and still nothing changes, I have also tried different usb cables as well. The Wifi Pineapple blinks blue some times and other times its solid blue.
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