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Clients won't connect


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Hey everyone,

I am a new user of a Pineapple Nano. I have been following the video tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHnQwTCKe2o. I have done the scan with recon and added the two clients to the filter in allow mode. I have the following checked on the PineAP tab.

Allow Associations
Log PineAP Events
Capture SSIDs to Pool
Beacon Response
Broadcast SSID Pool
I also have the PineAP Daemon and Autostart PineAP enabled. 
I have tried deauthing the clients using level 10, yet nothing connects to the PineAP access point. What am I missing?
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1 minute ago, Proclus said:

I have added the client MAC address to the Client filter pool which is in allow mode and the SSID in the SSID pool in the PineAP. I am able to deauth the client from my recon module but the cclient connects back to the network and not my pineapple.

as you have multi posted i responded on your other post. Please dont multi post the same questions...

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