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  1. It worked and gave me the setup page, Thank You for your help ?
  2. Yes it dose, "Your file was successfully uploaded! Update is in progress you should wait for automatic reset of your device. Update time depends on the image size and may take up to a few minutes. You can close the page" this is the full message under, update in progress.
  3. I had started a firmware recovery and the page says update in progress for about 45 minutes, so if anyone has had this before can you suggest what I should do, wait longer or any other option. Thank you... :-)
  4. I get it will mess with it some more, Thank you for the help ?
  5. so dose it mean that if the network is using an encryption I won't be able to get the user to connect to my pineapple ?
  6. The hotspot on my phone to share internet with other devices through WIFI so i was able to detect that with the recon and the client connected to it and add it to the poo; but after i deauth the client on that wireless connection it again connected to the original network and not my pineapple.
  7. I am using the pineapple on my laptop running windows 10 sharing the internet connection with my home network, the device i am trying to get to connect to is my phone on my home network which did not work, I tried connecting my phone to the hotspot and was able to scan for it and deauth it but had the same result as it reconnected to the network and not my pineapple.
  8. I apologize will delete the question from the other post
  9. I am using the device on the same network as the pineapple and using WPA-PSK but am still not able to have the device connect to me.
  10. I am facing the very same problem, I have added the MAC address to my Client Filtering which is in allow mode and am broadcasting the SSID which has been added to the SSID pool but whenever i Deauth a client from that network it dose disconnect but when it connects back it would connect to the same network and not to my pineapple, any help would be appropriated. Thank you... ?
  11. I have been facing the same problem and not been able to figure it out yet, by following the Wifi pineapple primer tutorial.
  12. Thank you a lot, it worked sorry for the silly questions, now just have to get the code right ?
  13. No the closest to the USB is the arming mode and center is switch position 1 now i am just trying to get it to blink the led red and it is still opening it as it dose in the arming mode.
  14. Now this is the code but i am still getting the same thing and the led is blinking blue #!/bin/bash LED SETUP GET SWITCH_POSITON ATTACKMODE HID LED ATTACK QUACK GUI R QUACK DELAY 100 QUACK STRING hello LED FINISH
  15. This is the code in the payload for switch 1 LED SETUP GET SWITCH_POSITON ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE LED ATTACK QUACK GUI R QUACK DELAY 100 QUACK STRING hello LED FINISH the bash bunny led is blinking blue
  16. Hey i just setup my bash bunny using the bunny updater and wrote a small payload to just type some stuff in the switch position 1 but when i connect it to the system my bash bunny opens it like a pendrive or like it is in the arming mode even though it is in switch position 1. Thank you
  17. I have connected a 16GB SD card to it but it still is giving me the same problem as I stated before.
  18. No I am not using an SD card with it but am using it with my laptop running Windows 10.
  19. I recently bought the Wifi Pineapple nano and am facing the same issue. I was able to setup my pineapple and install the latest firmware which is 2.1.2, every time i try to scan using recon it shows a blue box saying "Notice: In order to use recon, PineAP must be enabled" with a button below saying "Start PineAP" when i click it the notice would disappear but when i try to start the scan it reappears. I have enabled "Autostart PineAP" but am not able to enable PineAP Daemon, and below the "Save PineAP settings" button, a blue box says "Notice: In order to use some of these features, PineAP must first be enabled" and I am not able to scan or create a SSID pool. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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