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Factory reset with no reset button


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Hello guys,

I'm new here at the forum so be gracious with me ?

I found my "old" Pineapple Tetra from I think the beginnig of last year and forgot the password to login...
So I want to reset it, but there is no reset buttons...
The only thing I found was 5 switches at the site of the power supply, I also open up the case, but there is also no reset button. 

It should be the same model as shown in this picture

wifi pineapple
Could anybody help me?

Thanks ?

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Also that's not the Tetra, WifiPineppple MKv4 I believe it was called.  There was also some posts about the modules not working from the pineapple bar because they changed their infrastructure or something so you may have to just install packages manually or search the forum to see what others figured out about  it.

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It's more closely related to the wifi pineapple nano.  The tera has 4 antenna and 5ghz support.
I forgot to mention there is a beta firmware they released that updates it to the new interface style which is much better, again not sure of the status of it since I gave my mk4 to a friend a long time ago.

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