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Stuck at boot - Flashing Blue Light?

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Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have any solution to the problem of the Mark 5 stuck in the boot sequence?

I have had this problem since I bought the device and I have followed all posts I could find on flashing the firmware. I have successfully flashed the firmware with the latest factory version but I still get the same problem - the device never completes the bootup sequence (it claims it was able to successfully complete the firmware install - but after resetting the switches, no go).

I have seen multiple users having the same problem and I am wondering if there is a fix available or I should give up on the device. To be honest I cannot understand how you can ship a device that does not work out of the box and not have a fix for it.


Kind Regards,



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same here, couldn't rewive it yet 😞


UPDATE: still no luck. Over serial I get a pretty non-descreptive "System halted". Looks like there's no reall attention of Hak5 for the Mk5 anymore since the new hardware is sold. "Yay."

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