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  1. I ran firstboot via ssh to reset it which uninstalled the faulty pineap update. im running without it ok now
  2. Any update Phisch ? I am in the same boat, dusted mine off, followed all the instructions and facing the same issue 😞
  3. Old thread but dusted off my turtle the other day and encountered the same issues. What I found was that I had to plug the device in first so it is detected then set the static IP as per @CrashOveride first. Next unplug the turtle, hold the reset button for 5 seconds while plugging back in and the static IP configured is assigned to the turtle and you can then update the firmware, remove the static settings and reconnect. Only remaining bit to figure out for me is getting internet to the management interface so i can update etc. Currently I can browse internet via the turtle lan cable but I cant get the turtle itself to use this connection. any tips, or screenshots of routing config appreciated.
  4. Hi all, New nano user "yay" I followed all the instructions in the nano primer video, and noticed the following yesterday. After adding targets to filter and setting filter to allow, I had no connections at all. I downloaded and installed the connected clients infusion and low and behold all the listed targets show as blacklisted in connected clients infusion! I change the list from allow to deny and I get connections?? has anyone else seen this happen? I am using the latest firmware.
  5. I just got back into my pineapple the other day. Its amazing how much I forgot. I too have that issue where a laptop is on wifi, pineapple to laptop over eth0. I want to route thru the laptops wifi and have trouble even with wp5.sh there is plenty of documents out there on it but its just not making sense to me either. We will have to perservere and hit the books !
  6. Thanks for the feed back !
  7. Hi all, I have been looking at crunch options in the man, specifically -t I was wondering though how i might take wordlist.txt and perhaps use -t to append 3 numbers at the start or 3 at the end instead of random gen chars. any hints?
  8. Compiling Ducky Scripts are compiled into hex files ready to be named inject.bin and moved to the root of a microSD card for execution by the USB Rubber Ducky. This is done with the tool duckencoder. duckencoder is a cross-platform command-line Java program which converts the Ducky Script syntax into hex files. Usage is: As of duckencoder 1.X usage is: usage: duckencode -i [file ..] encode specified file or: duckencode -i [file ..] -o [file ..] encode to specified file For example on a Linux system: java -jar duckencoder.jar -i exploit.txt -o /media/microsdcard/inject.bin
  9. Maybe its a sign? thats your 666th post :P
  10. I just booked in the other day, I start may 1st Apart from dabbling since childhood, my programming experience sits at around 11 chapters of "learn python the hard way" I dabble with mint/xubuntu/kali/redhat. Lets just say my shell is soft. I do have determination so how hard this ends up will be on my effort vs actual intellect. (ask me this again in 30days please lol) I have Sec+ behind me so I am comfortable with concepts. Why am I doing it? 1. To prove to myself I can do this. 2. People told me I will fail. 3. I don't have 5k for GPEN. 4. Cause I will actually learn hands on. Soo looking forward to this!
  11. So I have found the key https://mega.nz/#!uRdTiIzS!ellNGiPWMtxLgOGnRMAdJL4U7hwQU8djp4oF63dytm4 its a JPG file that is corrupt, so for the first time ever I am playing with hex. I have confirmed at least the file is indeed a jpg but the header does not seem to be incorrect as I suspected its set to FF D8 FF The end of the file is marked FF D9 which my reading would suggest that is all in order. What I did notice is that the header appears again a few lines later but I no nothing of what I am looking at really.. so I cut this garbage out for lack of a better term and still no change.. :/ JFIF JFIF Version 1.01 Resolution 96 pixels/inch File — basic information derived from the file. File Type JPEG File Type Extension jpg Image Size 1,172 × 621 MIME Type image/jpeg Image Width 1,920 Image Height 1,200 Encoding Process Baseline DCT, Huffman coding Bits Per Sample 8 Color Components 3 File Size 695 kB Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2) Composite This block of data is computed based upon other items. Some of it may be wildly incorrect, especially if the image has been resized. Megapixels 0.728
  12. Thanks, didn't know of that tool to be honest, now im having a read :)
  13. I agree with this method also, especially when travelling to high risk destinations
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