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  1. Any update Phisch ? I am in the same boat, dusted mine off, followed all the instructions and facing the same issue 😞
  2. Old thread but dusted off my turtle the other day and encountered the same issues. What I found was that I had to plug the device in first so it is detected then set the static IP as per @CrashOveride first. Next unplug the turtle, hold the reset button for 5 seconds while plugging back in and the static IP configured is assigned to the turtle and you can then update the firmware, remove the static settings and reconnect. Only remaining bit to figure out for me is getting internet to the management interface so i can update etc. Currently I can browse internet via the turtle lan cable but I cant get the turtle itself to use this connection. any tips, or screenshots of routing config appreciated.
  3. Hi all, New nano user "yay" I followed all the instructions in the nano primer video, and noticed the following yesterday. After adding targets to filter and setting filter to allow, I had no connections at all. I downloaded and installed the connected clients infusion and low and behold all the listed targets show as blacklisted in connected clients infusion! I change the list from allow to deny and I get connections?? has anyone else seen this happen? I am using the latest firmware.
  4. Raspberry Pi arrived today :) good stuff. When I'm not distracted with that I'll be burning the midnight oil in ICND1 100-101 "joy"

  5. You had me at Pineapple Core #Wet. Don't mind me I was looking to see how others are using the Pii in their personal pentest suite, So I have a better idea now. I am a Pi newb, she only just arrived today. Exciting times!
  6. Thanks for your reply, I totally hear you with cost and regulations etc, I was just dreaming of the possibility's the LanTurtle will open, adding wifi would be sweet. I was more thinking this tho because I am unsure how I will be able to maintain access to the Turtle if certain ports are blocked etc I may end up loosing it. I am fairly new to this as well as SSH :)
  7. Can't wait :) Can I ask why Wifi was not added to the device tho, I am curious as this would not make it a swiss army knife of awesomeness in such a small package?
  8. Studing hard for Sec+ very nervous.

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