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Next-gen Hak5 Stickers

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Since the Hak5 stickers are no longer available for standalone purchase in the shop, I just had a great idea for a new product. Well actually not great at all but you know... Everyone knows that hackers love their stickers, and we often stick them to our laptops and other devices. So why not leverage stickers as a potential attack vector?

A few of you may remember that concept iPhone case from a while back that claimed to absorb leftover RF signals to charge your phone (this concept is the basis for some wireless charging) but it charged the phone so slowly that it wasn't really the infinite power source it claimed to be back then. However... an entire smartphone is a very power-hungry device. What you could incorporate that same technology into a tiny IOT sticker that could, say, broadcast its GPS location or send deauth packets everywhere? It could use the extra static electricity from a laptop or 801.11 waves or whatever to slowly charge itself up, and once it reaches a certain threshold it will use that power to broadcast something or other, could be anything really, using a thin copper lining as an antenna.

You could give these stickers out at conventions and other places, and all of the poor nerds who slap your sticker onto their stuff will be officially h4k3d! **rubs hands together connivingly**

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