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New to the thread.


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Greetings folks. 

Im pretty new to the thread but I thought this would be the best way to start learning and finding what I need. I currently live in Africa and its really hard to get good internet unless your paying $500+ per month. I am currently paying $200 a month and I get 2mbs. (I know its literally cancer for someone who is on the web 24/7). I am currently using broadband internet with a third party internet provider which is literally 5 people running a company. I wanted to know where I can start in regards to finding out how I am able to maybe hijack a signal and find someone else's connection or a backdoor into the network. I have a laptop on hand with kali linux installed. I also have a 6dbi Network USB card and a 9DBI antenna. 

Can anyone guide me in the right direction as to where i should start?

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