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oh noes, the advertising to the manifold!


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Here's a question that probably has a easy answer.

Are there any actual audible advertisements?

The EULA says there can be, and the page that asked me for my account type (Free or Paid) said there would be, but I'm not getting any (which is a good thing). I'm just curious if they actually are supposed to be advertisements and if there are, is adblock blocking them?

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I never had any audio advertisement!

But if there would be any, I don't think that it would be possible to block it via scripting, as the audioclips would surely be played in the flash player!

Actualy I would expect it to be even easier then that. Because advertising compnaies insist on hosting all the content them selves (so then can track the numbers), so you would have have to block there servers. Which is why I asked in the first place, I have adblock installed and blocking all the big advertising companies servers... so I just thought that the reason I wasn't getting any audible ads is because adblock blocked them, I get no visual ads either.

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