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Ophcrack Issue


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Hey I'm new here and have never used a pw cracker before. I am seeing the following when running Ophcrack, 3.4.0 on a Windows 7 box. I have installed on a USB. I see the GUI and it runs automatically and manually but I get these results:

Starting Ophcrack

3 hashes have been found in the encrypted SAM found in /media/sda2/Windows/System32/config/

Did not find the requested table(s) /media/sdb1/tables/vista_proba_free/table0.bin

The passwords have been saved in /tmp/ophcrack.txt

It's not finding the tables and I am not sure WHERE or HOW to put them where they should be. Any help is greatly appreciated. 



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Thanks Digininja,

Unfortunately the links offered no help. I look on the USB drive and see the table it references (vista_proba_free).  Ophcrack looks like it is trying to find it in the wrong place (/media/sdb1/tables/vista_proba_free/table0.bin) and I don't know HOW or Where to put the table vista_proba_free so it can find it. I don't know what syntax or where /media/sdb1/tables/vista_proba_free/table0.bin. Is it looking for it on the USB? If so, it is definitely there. If it needs to be mounted, I don't know how to do that. 

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Is this a slitaz install? With the script that upon boot finds all necesaary info.

Sometimes you have to dog foe yo self. The script told u where the info is .


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Bigbiz, I do dig for myself. While I appreciate the response, it isn't working because I can't get the Ophcrack GUI to run. When I try to start it from the menu I receive "X Server not running". I'm not a Linux guy but I tried to do "startx" logged in as root and I get the same error. I'd love to include screen caps here but apparently the forum doesn't allow it. 

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do u get the boot menu at all?

Slitaz right!

Do u have graphic card?

Sometimes wont detect because of it

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Can you give a screeshot of up to the point before and if possible the shell line with any errors that get printed by it?


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I had the same problem. Tables not found and the gui did not work (X Server ...)

When you quit the dialog/text dialog and you are in the console window you are able to use the ophcrack in the console. I got it working (on win10) by executing following command


ophcrack -d /media/sr0/tables -w /media/sda3/Windows/System32/config/ -g -t vista_probe_free


The help can be found here https://helpmanual.io/help/ophcrack/ or type ophcrack --help

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