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USB ports Explanation


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Hi Everyone,

I just purchases a nano and in the process of learning. I'm not clear on the usage of the USB ports for the Nano.

1. USB 2.0 Host Port -  What is it used for and does it need to be connected?

2. USB Power / USB Integrated Ethernet -  Ok, these are obvious, my question is do I need to use the USB-Y cable here?  I've only been connecting one cable and am able to get power plus the ethernet adaptor?

Thanks for the input.


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depending on what you have the power/ethernet usb plugged into, you might not be getting enough power to the pineapple.  most of the common problems with the nano and tetra and due to power issues. So that is why there is a y-cable.  the female usb is used for an extra wifi dongle or a usb cord to your mobile device sharing an internet connnection.

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