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Probe request and count


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When looking at the PinaAP log I can see Probe request and count, but not sure what they mean.

Is Probe request a device, like a phone/laptop, that is calling out for a WIFI that it knows or is it a WIFI access point that is broadcasting its name ?

In the picture attached, there is a count of 91. Is this how many times one or more devices called for this specific WIFI access point ?


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a probe request is made by the client to the AP.  the mac address shown would be the device and the SSID is the name of the AP its looking for.  The count is how many times that one device has called for that AP.

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watch and refresh your log to see.  Ive noticed some devices will probe more than others and some devices passout handshakes like its candy on halloween ( chromecast ).


most people blank out the mac address, its an individual number for a device. no two are the same.

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