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[R82XX] PLL not locked! Error

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Hi Peeps,

caveat i am new to sdr. 

i have just installed Pentoo.  I have a RealTek R820T usb device. 

Gnu-radio works fine and the device detected. I am able get a FFT plot and Waterfall plot but i am only receiving noise in the Sub -60db to -90db range and i makes no difference if i unplug the antenna or not, ever on freq that i know have a signal (ie FM station).  So there some kinda of problem 

rtl_test detect the device but i get this error:

[R82XX] PLL not locked! 

i would loe some guidance on how to fix or if my prob might be something else.



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Ignore it. Rtl_test detected device good. Same message on my machine. I google it before. Means nothing. Never used gnuradio I use sdrplay for wondows. What u have? Use zadig to install correct sdr drivers (Rtlsdr isn't a real rtlsdr )


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Hey BigBiz,

Thx for the reply.  Gonna sounds silly but I only have windows for a work computer.  I have recent got a cheap laptop and happy running linux on it.  

My desktop is Nix as well. 

I can see the device in terminal and the test programs works.  I can see  signal but it only seems to be background noise.  This is just raw signals I haven't tried demodding anything.  I have just been trying to see signal on a set Freq. 

Any pointers would be awesome.


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