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  1. Look, This probably not the best answer. But I have been hunting around for SDR for few weeks. I recently saw a project a linear transponder. https://www.rtl-sdr.com/creating-a-linear-transponder-with-an-rtl-sdr-hackrf-and-raspberry-pi/ is this kinda what you are talking about ?
  2. Hey BigBiz, Thx for the reply. Gonna sounds silly but I only have windows for a work computer. I have recent got a cheap laptop and happy running linux on it. My desktop is Nix as well. I can see the device in terminal and the test programs works. I can see signal but it only seems to be background noise. This is just raw signals I haven't tried demodding anything. I have just been trying to see signal on a set Freq. Any pointers would be awesome.
  3. Hi Peeps, caveat i am new to sdr. i have just installed Pentoo. I have a RealTek R820T usb device. Gnu-radio works fine and the device detected. I am able get a FFT plot and Waterfall plot but i am only receiving noise in the Sub -60db to -90db range and i makes no difference if i unplug the antenna or not, ever on freq that i know have a signal (ie FM station). So there some kinda of problem rtl_test detect the device but i get this error: [R82XX] PLL not locked! i would loe some guidance on how to fix or if my prob might be something else.
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