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Pineapple IDE - I created an IDE for the pineapple


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I created an IDE with Visual Studio C#, similar to visual studio code, but very stripped down.

It uses sshfs to retrieve and save files from a host machine to the pineapple (displaying the /pineapple directory as a tree in the side pane), allows users to create new modules, and modifies the shared connection from host->pineapple on startup.

Would anyone be interested in using something like this? It currently only runs on Windows 10, but I can entertain the idea of porting to multiple unix distributions with the Mono environment.


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4 hours ago, Foxtrot said:

This sounds cool but, what usability does it offer other than doing the ICS? Compared to anything from Notepad++ to PHPStorm for example.

I am in the midst of adding a browser widget compatible with the 172 page, my goal is to have a completely encapsulated program for pineapple development. 

Broad usability can come from community necessities, making pineapple configurations like management, or debugging a lot simpler for newer users/contributors 



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