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Anonsurf hidden form own network?


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Hey guys,

I am barely new to pentesting and i have a question, i don't know if it was already awnsert here but if yes i couldn't find it...

So my question is: if i use anonsuf on parrot os (that's the OS i use), will i be hidden on my own network? if not what do you recommend me to use?

when i say hidden i mean like if the firewall can't register my activity when ,for exemple, scanning a webserver for vulnerabilitys.

Thanks for the help!

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Lol......why would you want to be anonymous on your own network? even stranger why worry about the router logs from it?

Hang on let me guess, its probably not your own network right? College student?

Please dont take us for fools, run along now and head back to facebook and pick up your lego pieces after you. 

Tell the truth and always be good to your mom!

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