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  1. We are in your corner mate........Its not what happens to us, its how we react to it! Tomorrow is a new day, and a new hack 😉
  2. Too understand what the bad guys are doing, we need to perform the same techniques, and in turn, inform the security world of what took place! To catch a fish, you need to think like a fish. ? Its all about the hack as others have stated, but is it a hack for good, or for evil? That depends on the mindset of the attacker!
  3. Try adding some MAC addy's to client filtering in deny mode (I use my phone and desktop PC as examples which i dont want connecting anyway) Added my home AP into the SSID filter (also in deny mode as you have it set) Works ok in 2.1.0
  4. I would agree its a mindset.......most security researchers in my domain are very curious people. They are always wanting to know what makes things 'Tick'. How and Why does infrastructure work in the way it does? Can I alter a course of design to fashion its operation to my advantage? Can I protect it from other outside influences. Where are the weak points and how can I find them? etc What has changed since yesterday, and how can I keep abreast of ever increasing developments & shifts in the pattern of sand? One thing that amazes me today within the security industry is with the huge rise of Mobile Devices, their implementations and therefore impact on existing infrastructure........ This is a hot topic today because of the simple fact that virtually NO consideration is given towards the security of these devices. We protect our PC's, laptops and the networks they connect to with multiple layers of security yet, most users don't even run a simple antivirus on their smartphones or tablets. Many hackers now are switching to expose vulnerabilities in Android/iOS, especially as a means to further 'privilege escalation' among the networks these devices connect to (ie BYOD policy in the corporate world etc). Why? ......Because they are easy targets today! In todays online world we crave more functionality, we demand that our data is served in highly dynamic fashion compared to yesterday. We want an application for everything. This is great news for us as users, but with this comes the price of exponentially increasing the size of our attack surface and its many weaknesses just waiting to be exposed.
  5. Hacking in general is a very broad based term. You will usually find that most have a favored 'specialist' area in which they develop an expertise in, as Its quite difficult to be a kung-fu master level 11 in all. For example, some prefer exploiting Web Applications on the server side, others on the client side......some specialize in Browser based attacks, whilst others are guru's in AP and Network exploitation etc etc. Some hone in on Remote Code Execution exploits, others on Cross-Site Scripting exploits, others on SQL/SOAP and other Injection techniques.....anyway, you get the drift.
  6. No link for the .bin file? or maybe Im missing something? Or do we just flash RC2 and then update from the PineAP Module Manager? Regards
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