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  1. Nice ?.....I love a good testing ground, and from the seat of your lounge armchair, even better!
  2. I watched season 1 & 2 but havent had time for others as yet! I too enjoyed it, and it was a fresh change from those dreary reality shows. Shame it has to go but it already ran its course I guess!
  3. I love pawning South Africans! Their easy.
  4. Lol....me thinks you spend too much time on social media listening to noobs!
  5. Seeing its a web application, Im guessing it was an external engagement testing your perimeter. The report should contain the vulnerabilities discovered, and how they were exploited within 'scope' over the given time frame. (as well as how they can be patched) If you wish to supply details and extend permission, maybe we could recreate these scenario's and give you a better conclusion? Or just supply links to the Domains in scope!
  6. You can google all you want, but for true understanding must come actual participation. Set yourself up a testing Lab, or buy one pre-made. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/202407122227
  7. Awwe, where's the love guys? Surely we can accept Bitcoin for services rendered? Forums are no fun anymore ?
  8. Hi Al, posting threads on the same issue under multiple topic forums wont help you.......We see all! If its advice you seek, be stealth so know one will see you coming ?
  9. Well, the movie seems to be quite 'low level' on the hacking front really. Some sort of USB device which is encrypted?? Go figure, lol?
  10. I did notice a few new (late model) router exploits and payloads in Kali's latest msf console repository updates. I think most were D-Link related, but it may be worth a look see! ?
  11. What about a pineapple drone honed in to the rooftop of the building with the wifi network you wish to sniff?? This is pretty cool, and the basis of a new evolution in wifi hacking......kudos Darren! Use the drones cam to survey the rooftops CCTV cam positions, then simply take off for home behind the 180 deg angle view. Piece of cake.....?
  12. As a rule, 5 GHz WiFi connections are more susceptible to obstructions than are 2.4 GHz. The WiFi signal range of any given access point also varies significantly from device to device. Factors that determine the range of an access point include: the specific 802.11 protocol it runs, the strength of its device transmitter and directional appointments, the nature of physical obstructions and/or radio/EMI interference in the surrounding area. Physical obstructions in built up areas such as brick walls and metal frames or even open woodland forest, can reduce the range of a WiFi network by many percentages. We cant give you specifics on range for any setup you so choose, simply because we dont know the environment your intending to operate in. Do your homework, and you shall be better served.
  13. Great post-exploitation work there on the shell Mac! Kudos''!''
  14. Would be grand.....your cell would have to be recognized as a trusted input device in HID such as a Ducky!
  15. How do all these great user 'right-of-ways' help to reduce your attack surface? What controls do you have in place to protect your user integrity within the web application? mmmm.....yum!
  16. Hehe.....you might short it to the basement.
  17. If you have access to an FEO-K1 key, you could potentially exploit the elavators 'Fire Service' mode which would land you on any floor desired. But yes, this would be illegal under Fed jurisdiction in most countries.
  18. If you desire to be among the best, you cant sit on the couch!.....push harder and break stuff. I admire your choice in security, my goal is to help make the web more secure whilst protecting our privacy, of which we are entitled too!
  19. My mate has a cousin, his name is Binary, but sadly he his ill, and none of the new kids on the block want to know his name, let alone visit him! But your right, they probably should if they want a part of the inheritance.
  20. Good points.....I always run a dedicated Win10 machine which actually host all of my testing lab VM's. One of my best research tools still remains my old trusted mate.......his name is Google! ?
  21. Find where your interests peak......Its a vast field where a lot of play strategies exist. Is your goal to exploit Web Applications, The Web server itself, Browser hacking processes, Networked machines in a WiFi/Ethernet environment, private or corporate, etc etc. Maybe you prefer coding scripts for automation or injecting malware, or maybe your preference is Social Engineering and the likes.....Whatever! Once you find your niche, your time will be better concentrated and better spent. Kali has the tools for most environments, once you find yours, you will be able to spend the time to learn an application more effectively rather than shoving to and fro from each of them and knowing little about them all! Know what i mean? The only thing installing them for yourself will teach you is.......yep! how to install them. To learn them effectively is to utilize them and concentrate them in your particular area of interest. If Web apps are your line, you will learn Burp Suit front to back.......apps such as Wifite will be of little interest to you. The University of YouTube is a great start and from there, you will fork (branch out) Regards. Edit: Learning to master Linux is key, no matter the distro.....know your command line etiquette, how it works, and what its capable of doing. Im a Debian fan like Dig, that could mean Kali, Ubuntu etc etc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bju_FdCo42w&list=PLtK75qxsQaMLZSo7KL-PmiRarU7hrpnwK
  22. We have short memories and sometimes forget how we started out! Experimenting is the best curve ball for learning, even though they can be annoying!
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