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Im editing a wordpress blog for a friend of mine and he wants to change a background.  The question I have though is,  "url(https://wp.com/kambanner.jpg?id=83)"  <--  what is the ?id=83.   The image on the account does not have that at the end.  Im changing that picture out with a new one of his new shop.

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Depends on the theme your using, generally. My WP sites use dates in the name of the image to separate instances of them (edited versions, later-uploaded versions etc.), so maybe the theme your using uses multiple instances of an image for different sizes of the image. Just a guess.

Also, some themes grab images via the ID. They'll query a page with a POST request for an image via it's ID. E.g.


But I doubt that's what's happening here, because an image cannot handle a POST request.

Another guess is the theme is using broken URLs, thinking that the link is a webpage when in reality it's an image.

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