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best/worst xmas gifts

Guest ABC

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well whatd you get?

i like my new computer .. even though i had to sit right through the night to get it all set up the way i like it

wost ... the hairdryer, why did someone buy me a hairdryer? O.o

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hmm lets see, through this years hall.

Best: would have to be my 19" LCD 4ms HD LG Flatron L1932P, so much brillience and clear picture ^_^, though i got it like a month ago when my new GFX card wouldnt work on my old monitor ^_^ the joys of 2X Sapphire Radeon X1800 XT set in crossfire.

Oh also im in luv with my new Oakley sunnies. the little things do count :)

Worst: hmm didnt get anythink bad, so i supos the money and gift vouchers would have to be, well the vouchers for the rip off shops, and the ones ill never visit :S

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