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Can't update


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4 hours ago, success said:

Detailed error message visible connection picture

Try a manual upgrade mentioned here https://www.hak5.org/gear/lan-turtle/docs

Also make sure the lanturtle date/time is correct as that can mess with ssl certs.

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31 minutes ago, success said:

turtle-4.bin': No such file or directory

Download the .bin here:

Check it matches this hash (SHA-256):

SCP the file to the LAN Turtle. Command should look something like this:

scp turtle-4.bin root@

Go to the bash prompt on the LAN Turtle and type this command:

sysupgrade -n /tmp/turtle-4.bin

Wait for about 5 minutes, and the LAN Turtle will reboot itself.

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1 minute ago, Dave-ee Jones said:



SCP将文件传送到LAN Turtle。命令应该看起来像这样:

转到LAN Turtle上的bash提示符并输入以下命令:

等待大约5分钟,LAN Turtle将自行重启。

However, the upload was unsuccessful

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3 hours ago, success said:

However, the upload was unsuccessful

What do you mean?

Can you provide a picture of the upload failing?

Make sure you're LAN Turtle is connected to the same network as the box you're using to push the file to the LAN Turtle. Make sure the LAN Turtle's IP is the same as the one in the 'scp' command. Make sure you specify the path to "turtle-4.bin". If you're in the directory where turtle-4.bin is located then you can leave it as is.

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