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I will do a conference in 2 weeks to a small group of director.

Everything is prepared but i want your crasy  ideas of thing i can bring ;).

 I have in hand the elite kit with a Bashbunny and pineapple Tetra.

I can't grab passwords or personnal information, but i can prove them that i can do it. 

I will surely drop a ruberducky in the room to see who will plug it in.

The goal is to have a positive impact on security awareness.

Thank you all and have a nice day.

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are you allowed to setup a Demo Wifi?

As Glowinghot666 said show them how insecure wifi in ggeneral is.  Setup your tetra as a MITM don't pull any data just show them as a Proof of concept.


Are you just trying to give them a broad overveiw of security or are their any use cases that they are looking for?

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