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The endless adventure of writing a bootable ISO to USB in Linux


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So, this is a never ending adventure for me.  Using dd in many different ways and the built in usb image writer in the Ubuntu like OSes I have tried to make bootable USBs from bootable ISO images.  I would have to say it is hit and miss.  The three methods I have tried are:

1) DD the whole disk with the image (/dev/sdb)

2) Create a partition on the USB stick and dding in there (/dev/sdb1)

3) Using the USB Stick reformatter and then USB image writer.


Oh, I have also ran sync at the end of each to make sure the USB is synced before safely ejecting it.

One of three above usually works but I have ran across some that do not work at all with the above methods.

What I do know is if I jump on a Windows system and use Rufus portable it will always work.  I mean it has never failed me.  if the ISO is bootable, it will be bootable on the USB...always.  Question, is there a 100% proven way to write a bootable ISO to a USB stick with Linux and have it be bootable?  A good example of an ISO to try is Hiren's.  That ISO would not bootup until I used Rufus to do it.

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