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How do I use Hydra on Kali Linux for my work email?


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Hello, I have Kali Linux 64-bit on VMware and Windows 10 Host. I am trying to crack my work email password with Hydra. I need to know, what is the command line I need to enter to crack my email? Not ftp? Should I use pop3? I know "hydra -L xxx -P xxx" but I don't know what's next. Everything I read is for ftp and I don't think that will work. So, I need to know how do I enter my work email server "ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM" and how do I find the ports? Nmap? ftp etc...? This might be an easy question but I'm just getting started and could use the help. Thanks!

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Very simple, you don't.

It is illegal to attack systems you don't own or have permission to attack and despite this being "your work" address, you would be attacking Google who don't take kindly to that type of thing.

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