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Hak 5 NIB errors internet


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First off I have searched forums. I could have more carfully, but nothing seems to have matched exactly.

Now out of the box; I connected the squirrel.i immediately lost internet. I checked to insure I had it correctly, and I did.

The  hookup looks like  ISP modem--->> squirrel -->> wireless router

I also tried it over again from pc. NO issues on pc. no wire issues. has to be squirrel


I tried the sqitch and ran it with windows restore.


This thing just doesn't work.

Help me, help me said the k

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7 hours ago, soulspyder said:

The  hookup looks like  ISP modem--->> squirrel -->> wireless router

:blink: You don't know much about networking here, do you..

What are you trying to achieve? The Squirrel can do a lot of things, so you need to be specific as to why you are trying to NAT the NAT-er (a Mad Natter :rolleyes:).

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That couldn' have been less helpful. 

Yes, Ethernet, layer 2. Just above th 1 layer. Apparently at another spot which i see now in book

I' not used to using taps , but I am ccna with a collaborating degree, asshole. Associates, bachlors, master aeronautics.

YOUR RIGHT not to take time. A) I figured it out B ) your skills are no doubt beneath me lmao

Layer 2 yea I get it. No need to be an asshole


While [ 1 ]

       Echo "Daveejones.youranasshat"



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I've always had the pro-forum attitude that you should take your info and leave some info. I took some shit, so that came back. SOO back to normal. I am posting a link to those with Cisco knowledge and are aware of how to use wireshark. You can indeed sniff traffic many places including the cables between the docsis and your network. Yes indeedy, outside of the router. so here you go! ---->  https://wiki.wireshark.org/CaptureSetup


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4 hours ago, soulspyder said:

That couldn' have been less helpful. 

No need to be rude when I'm trying to help you.

In regards to your original question, the Packet Squirrel has different NETMODEs. NETMODEs allow you to change how the PS behaves. Here's a few examples of NETMODEs:

  • NAT
    • NAT means that the PS gets an IP from a router on the WAN interface and then proceeds to act as a DHCP server to the rest of the network on it's LAN interface, giving them IPs in the same subnet.
    • BRIDGE means that the PS, and any devices connected to the rest of the network on the LAN interface, get their IPs from the router on the WAN interface of the PS. Hence the name, bridge. It's a bridge between the 2 interfaces.
    • This one's interesting. The PS clones the MAC address of the target device on the LAN interface, allowing you to spoof being that device to the rest of the network (get the same IP).
    • This is another interesting one - the PS basically redirects packets from one interface to the other - a Man in the Middle (or, Squirrel in the Middle). It doesn't get an IP, so it's basically completely undetectable. This is the one you would want to use for monitoring network traffic between a modem and router, as it won't interfere with the packets but it will see them pass by (because it's the one passing them through). Keep in mind (I'm not 100% sure about this but I imagine it would be so) that it limits the speed of packets to ~100mbps (because it doesn't have gigabit interfaces).
  • VPN
    • This is a special NETMODE, and one I've never used personally. It has a special VPN interface setup specially on it's own, mainly used for client tunneling.

The application your using your PS for sounds like you're looking for a MITM traffic-monitoring attack, so I would suggest the "TCPDump" payload. Lucky for you this is a default payload and can be accessed by simply starting up your PS with the switch in the first position. I've attached a diagram for you. Note that this payload requires a USB to write the data to, and that you'll need a program (like Wireshark) to read the contents of the file written to the USB.

You can find more information and details here.


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On 1/30/2018 at 11:24 PM, Dave-ee Jones said:


while true; do
	echo "You do not know da wae."

   *dead* HAHA.

If your trying to tap the network might wanna look at getting a hub or spanning a port; but what do i know, i dont gots them fancy certs. 

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