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  1. Update. Despite my dislike for windows I ended up going that route. So damn simple. Still, I want it in linux. Help, anyone?
  2. https://pasteboard.co/H8yarwZ.png https://pasteboard.co/H8J7pek.png PS I have run the wp6.sh setup and no luck. kali works just fine.
  3. I have read the setup instructions. I watchd the online linux tutorial. No luck with pineapple. I then tried manually getting it set up, as my computer didnt see it at all to get into dashboard. So, i set eth1 as 172 address range /24 I then set 10 net /24 for eth0 because it is (this is my direct wired conx I also set 10 net /24 for wlan0 as this connects to router via wifi. All of this DID get me in. I tried multiple combos of above and no improvements. I did go to wp6 and all it really did on my machine is take add off eth1. Leaving no eth/wlan pointing to 172 net. Still, I conected though. I have spent 2+ days trying to fix on my own. I have to be missing something. I try to figure things out myself first; but this one has be sunk.. Help if you can. Glad to post any other info needed.
  4. This is very helpful. Thanks for that. It looked like you were being rude, so I apologize if I misread intentions.
  5. I've always had the pro-forum attitude that you should take your info and leave some info. I took some shit, so that came back. SOO back to normal. I am posting a link to those with Cisco knowledge and are aware of how to use wireshark. You can indeed sniff traffic many places including the cables between the docsis and your network. Yes indeedy, outside of the router. so here you go! ----> https://wiki.wireshark.org/CaptureSetup
  6. That couldn' have been less helpful. Yes, Ethernet, layer 2. Just above th 1 layer. Apparently at another spot which i see now in book I' not used to using taps , but I am ccna with a collaborating degree, asshole. Associates, bachlors, master aeronautics. YOUR RIGHT not to take time. A) I figured it out B ) your skills are no doubt beneath me lmao Layer 2 yea I get it. No need to be an asshole #/bin/bash While [ 1 ] Echo "Daveejones.youranasshat" Done
  7. First off I have searched forums. I could have more carfully, but nothing seems to have matched exactly. Now out of the box; I connected the squirrel.i immediately lost internet. I checked to insure I had it correctly, and I did. The hookup looks like ISP modem--->> squirrel -->> wireless router I also tried it over again from pc. NO issues on pc. no wire issues. has to be squirrel I tried the sqitch and ran it with windows restore. This thing just doesn't work. Help me, help me said the k
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