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Best Monitor-Mode Compatible USB Wifi Adapters?

The Power Company

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Hey all,

Recently a great tragedy has befallen me. My cheapo USB hub, which had both of my USB wifi adapters capable of monitor mode in it, power surged and literally melted both of them. Now my room smells like melted silicon and all the packets are escaping! I had one of the sweet adapters from the now sold-out Hak5 store and one of the tp-link ones from the now sold-out Pwnie-Express store. While I would love to just buy more of what I had already, it is currently not possible. So what are some of your favorite adapters, and where can I get myself one?

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Those WiFi adapters would have specific hardware specifications, right? I would suggest looking for similarly-designed WiFi adapters that have the same hardware.

For example, the RT5370 from the HakShop can be found elsewhere by looking for similar hardware (like this). Theoretically they should still work in monitor mode, but I believe your question has been answered before so I would also suggest having a look around the forums (and using the search bar to find some answers).

Hope this helps!

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First off, there are plenty of resources for things like this out there, not to mention numerous threads. 

Personally, I'd recommend the Alfa AWUS036NHA. It's the flagship of WiFi hacking, and will do everything you need it to. It's also only around 40 dollars. It can do monitoring, packet injection, and much more, not to mention you have the capability of attaching multiple antennas. 

Not to sound like an infomercial, but I love my alfa. 

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On 2/7/2018 at 4:53 AM, i8igmac said:

Ill suggest alfa Nha, its autheros chip works with karma mana attack.


does any one own the awus036ach? Dual band 5.8ghz? what chip is it? Does it work out of the box? 

Just ordered that model, I'll let you know but from what I hear it's drivers are pretty broken with Kali - you need a bit of drivery magic.

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