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Led is always red and doesn't read sd cards. Firmware reset/change did not work

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Hello guys,

I've tried everything and it seems that my USB Rubber Ducky just doesn't read any sd cards.

By everything I mean:

  1. Tried 4 different SD Cards;
  2. Resetted the firmware using ducky-flasher;
  3. Changed the firmware from the original to Twin Duck;
  4. Tried different USB ports;
  5. Tried formatting the SD Cards (FAT/FAT32);
  6. Tried with empty SD Cards
  7. Tried with different inject.bin payloads;
  8. Tried with different Operating Systems;
  9. And finally, tried changing laptops.

The Rubber Ducky is brand new, arrived a week or so ago and it worked great a few times while on the original firmware with simple payloads (fake update) in the sd card that came with it.

Today, I decided to check it a little more, using ducky-flasher and following the instructions on github, I flashed the twin duck firmware and it worked once or twice but after checking the available payloads on github I tried again using it and it kept an always constant red led which I found out that means that it's not communicating with the SD Card.

After trying a few thing on the list above, I discovered that the LED is always red with or without an SD Card (not sure if it's the default behavior for when there's no card present).

What more can I do?

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I forgot to mention but all SD Cards i've tried where perfectly working when using the USB adapter that came with the USB Rubber Ducky.

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Did you manage to find a solution? I flashed my ducky to twin ducky and it died. Only red LED light, and couldn't run flash back to normal. Is it possible flashing it is broken?

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