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Laptop Hash Cracking


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I'd like to have a machine capable of cracking some passwords but don't want to build a big desktop machine.  Would it be feasible to use a gaming laptop with an NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU and use oclhashcat with it.  Would it be an order of magnitude better than using just a typical CPU?

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You can use a gaming laptop to brute force passwords.  You probably don't want to though.  You'll normally have a lot more heat to deal with especially since it will push it to the limits of usage for however long you have it running.  Also if you are looking to get a laptop instead of building a "big desktop" understand that you are pay 2-3 times more money for the components of the laptop versus getting better desktop components at the same price.  If you wanted the laptop for other purposes and want the portability that may be fine, but you'd be better off looking into a service that will try to crack it for you or renting a virtual server to connect to and use it's power (though that gets expensive since you would want one that provides a graphics card with the system for better crunching performance).

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49 minutes ago, Struthian said:

I've thought of using these for this sort of thing.   Essentially it's the Nvidia graphic computing ability without the video producing parts.   More compact.



only 256 cuda cores, you get over 2 times that with a 1050 and for half the price...plus i would wonder about the compatibility being an embedded system, it has a linux environment you can work with but that's an extra cost...

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