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SSL Strip


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Hey Fellow Squirrels,

I'm looking to get SSL strip working with the device.

I have been working on binary extraction from the pcaps I have obtained but SSL comms are making proper files extraction a pain.

I am familiar with the Opkg  setup and  was surprised by the lack of pip or squirrel repo (like they have for the pineapple)

So my question is , How the heck am I to get a ipk or opk of the twistedweb python dependancy.

I could compil from srcs I suppose bu can the squirrel hand  compiler tools

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1 hour ago, stealthy_wolf said:

to update this:


using "Get pip" will fill up the minimal storage space on it

wget https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py --no-check-certificate 
python get-pip.py


So the next area of interest is to look at a scratch / dev environment or to install pip off the USB

You may get lucky depending on the python libs required you can install them manually sometimes.

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