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  1. to update this: using "Get pip" will fill up the minimal storage space on it wget https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py --no-check-certificate python get-pip.py So the next area of interest is to look at a scratch / dev environment or to install pip off the USB
  2. Hey Fellow Squirrels, I'm looking to get SSL strip working with the device. I have been working on binary extraction from the pcaps I have obtained but SSL comms are making proper files extraction a pain. I am familiar with the Opkg setup and was surprised by the lack of pip or squirrel repo (like they have for the pineapple) So my question is , How the heck am I to get a ipk or opk of the twistedweb python dependancy. I could compil from srcs I suppose bu can the squirrel hand compiler tools
  3. Looking more into the tcpxtract tool. Will need to cross compile for OPKG and the MIPS architecture https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22691096/save-raw-binary-payload-only-using-tcpdump
  4. Hey Hak5 Forums, New to the product line, looking to either build out something to capture the executables on the wire. Would be useful for extracting unprotected printouts and transfers. I do have some familiarity with Bro and Snort and the SecOnion suite.
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