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How to get Clients


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So I have this set up at home at the moment all configured changed the option that hides the access point in networking

Have Pine AP daemon, logging, associations and everything running

Firstly the recon tool does not seem that great at all all the access points i scan for in recon are -98 signal strength when I do finally manage to get a client to show with the access point. I try and deauth it

It says action completed successfully then what none of them seem to reconnect to my Pineapple Nano, I can definetly see my labelled network SSID in connections when I try and connect to my own

wifi nano it asks me for the key I made to login surely it would do that for any clients trying to connect ask for that key am I missing something here

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The clients will only try to connect if the AP they're looking for is open.
If the AP the client is looking for normally is encrypted with WPA, then it won't try to connect to your open network. (Unless it has the exact same encryption + keys)

The de-auth is used to kick the client of the open network they're already connected to, and force them to use your open network instead.

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I have purchased a new Wifi pineapple Nano , and the firmware is up-to  date (version 2.7.0)  . I'm not able to get the clients connected . I also tried Deauth , but none of the devices seems to be connecting and its showing up an error(Couldn't authenticate connection) . What could be the problem . Thanks in advance .

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Kali linux 2020
wifipineapple NANO
firmware version: 2.7.0
I have a problem .....

1. the client does not add me to the dashboard
2. when running "PineAP Daemon: enabled"
= the internet is disconnected on the site but I will connect to the Access Points=this working

My question is :

A./How do i set up networking

B./How do I set it correctly:pineAP set it so that the page does not disconnect me after connecting RECON.

C./Why doesn't the client appear on my control panel even when it's connected to my access point


I tried to follow the instructions and videos but without success, many videos are on the old version of wifipineaplle NANO. I will have a presentation in our school club and I still can't figure out how to put it all into operation.

I would be very happy if someone tried to advise me how to proceed, thank for everybody what help me.


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