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  1. Thank you for the info, I'm looking for a good solution NordVPN Expressvpn ProtonVPN
  2. I am logged in on another device and I'm generating network traffic. And there's not much in the logs ....
  3. What do you recommend free Vpn ?
  4. What may be wrong with the DWALL module, when launched, it will capture several websites and cookies, and then nothing, despite generating traffic - very long delays.... someone something 🙂
  5. step 1: factory reset wifi pineapple nano step 2: formatting the SD card using the SD CARD Formatter program step 3: formatting SD card with GUI - wifi pineapple nano step 4: restart the device Maybe it will be helpful ...
  6. In general with http it is near impossible to detect MitM attacks, but with https your browser should automatically detect and warn you about, unless the attacker has already compromised your system or the system at the other end (including the CA as a system at the other end). Go to the CMD and type arp -a. If the router MAC address is the same as any other node (device) then that devise is the "MAN in the middle". That simple. Pineapple uses the fact that your phone / laptop / tablet / washing machine / fridge / toothbrush screams looking for all remembered networks. Pineapple watches, listening to their names. Then, knowing what you need for your thirsty Internet access equipment, creates open networks with the same names. Your naive device does not see anything suspicious in the fact that the remembered network had a password, and this one does not have it - since it is called the same, i.e. you can safely connect to it. Therefore, ask what points you connect to wifi.....
  7. ok, case solved Networking tab OUI Lookup and then Delete OUI database
  8. I have updated the fimware to 2.7.0 and setup as per tutorial, however after we run a scan the MAC Information in recon comes back with the following message: "This MAC was likely globally assigned by the hardware vendor. It has probably not been randomized for privacy." This is showing for every sinlge MAC Address. I have reset the unit back to Factory Settings and then updated again to 2.7.0 but it still shows the same information, some time ago it worked, anyone has an idea how to solve this problem?
  9. Maybe it will be helpful ... step 1: factory reset pineapple nano step 2: format the SD in the Card Formatter program under Windows step 3: formatting under GUI on pineapple nano step 4: restart nano
  10. To perform a factory reset from a fully booted WiFi Pineapple, hold the RESET button for approximately 7 seconds. The device will then reboot. Data not stored on external media (USB / SD) will be erased during this process. Good luck ..
  11. Hello, I am asking for help with Pineapple nano firmware 2.7.0. The problem concerns the installed sd card - SanDisk Ultra microSDXC Class 10 64GB, after restarting there are no modules installed. Helps only pull out the sd card again, insert the card, restart the device and this solves the case - the modules are installed on the card.
  12. Please check if you have an internet connection on the correct interface - Windows Internet Connection Sharing - WiFi Pineapple
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