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I Understand Now Why You are One of The LeaderBoards

I Wish I Can Go On Course But I Cant for One Reasons:

The Course Is Not Available In My Country.

If There is Way To Learn This Fundamentals That will Be Great.

I cant Even Buy The Books.

Thanks For Your Answer. 




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Based on various data points, I have a feeling SANS is available in your country, and is indeed based out of your country.

The cheapest option to get the books is to take the challenge exam, with that you get a copy of the books and an exam entry. The next step up is On Demand which doesn't have 617 but does have 560 and 660. As you can't program yet, 760 would be way above your level so I'd recommend starting with one of those and working up.



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digininja - where did you get that you get the books when you challenge the exam?  I don't believe that is accurate.  The only way to get the books legally now is to take the class itself in some form (or pass the GSE and upon renewal 4 years later you can get the books from any certification you have at that point for a fee plus shipping).

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