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RazerBlade Thank you for responding!! 

i dismantled a warehouse back in 2011, and i asked what was going to happen to it, the gentleman said if u want it take it, and i had access to a skyjack so i had taken the entire unit including 2 yagi antenna (apparently have to be min 70ft away from each other) and 4 In-building Wilson Power Domes.  

I should mention i also have a Hackrf!!   What exactly can i do with these??  

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On 12/4/2017 at 9:14 AM, UnLo said:

hmm, idk, i think you could get a usb 3g/4g modem to work with the nano, with some tinkering. But your set-up seems a bit overkill lol, good find tho. 

Ive used a 3g/4g modem on the nano with no problems. I have this one and it pretty much works out of the box on all linux machines ive tried it on. It makes itself eth0. This adapter even comes with a microsd card slot as well as a sim slot so you can use both at the same time. Its pretty neat.


I do not know if its possible to add an external antenna to it, some of the other modems have this option but my current one does not.

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