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Is this payload possible


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I have a payload idea for the packetsquirrel.

The idea is to use the bashbunny or the rubberducky to install a certificate in a victims computer. Then deploy the packet squirrel to be able to decrypt all https traffic.

I'm just wondering two things, first, does anybody know any decent mitm program that the packet squirrel can actually run? I have looked at bettercap but it runs on ruby so I'm unsure if it will work with the packet squirrel. I have also looked a bit into mitmproxy but I found the documentation vague.

If it can't be run the packet squirrel, maybe you could connect the bashbunny to it to perform the mitm attack.

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A decent MITM program..The Packet Squirrel itself is the MITM.

The PS doesn't have the power to decrypt traffic, sadly. However, you could use the Bash Bunny/Rubber Ducky to configure the PC to receive certain packets from the PS, interpreting them into commands or even just simpler things like doing Network Administrator attacks on the PC.

What you're saying isn't impossible. You could even write your own proxy server in python if you wanted to. I think there's a few 'pocket' proxy servers around on the internet.

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